My Literary Litography

Today’s post is just a quick one about my Literary Litography, a book that I bought because I thought to put my reading life into lists would be quite exciting. It would show where I had been in my literary experiences, what I have lived through and who I have met but it would also allow me to see genres that I hadn’t branched out into yet, this has turned out to be the comedy genre which I’m quickly trying to remedy.

This particular form of  book notebook is by Lisa Nolan and the company Listography.

 I purchased my copy from Waterstones and sat for many weeks fascinated with the concept and, in all honesty, tried to recall the books from my past that would fit into its many, many sections. 

When I finally got to work, I found that I desperately need to increase my read bookshelf on Goodreads before I can even entertain the possibility of completing this record book. Even if you have read a thousand books, defining your favourite out of those is an arduous task.

The sections include: 

Most Beloved books:

Characters you would date, which I found a very interesting question and difficult to answer:

And several pages for your favourite quotes: 

In all, I found this Litography to be a fantastic purchase simply because it will take me years to fill and it has already opened up unexplored avenues in my reading experiences. I believe that anyone who enjoys getting lost in the pages of a book should have a Litography or book record to hand to record their encounters with their favourite literary pieces. 

Literary Litography: My Reading Life in Lists can be purchased from any Waterstones or online:

This is not an ad in any shape or form, I simply love my Litography and I’m sharing the love and knowledge. Enjoy! 


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