ARC Book Review: SuperNova (Heroes of Arcania 1)


Title: SuperNova

Author: Liz Long

Publisher: Mark My Words Book Publicity

Publication Date: 16th June 2016

Synopsis: Nova is a normal teenge girl except for the fact that she is unable to break any bones and nothing can penetrate her skin. A tragedy leads Nova on a new course in life, to use her powers for good, to clean up Arcania and to bring an end to Fortune, the Gifted who brought such misery and pain to her family. Can she seek her revenge without losing any more of her loved ones or, more importantly, herself?

Rating: 4.5/5

Review: I have to admit, the first few pages had me rolling my eyes in the belief that this was going to be another teenage book with cliche characters, cheesy relationships that are almost sickening but I was wrong, so very wrong.

This book was sheer genius, yes the relationships are sickening to begin with, however, this is a necessary part of the plot as it is balanced out by the overwhelming grief that the main character, Nova, and her family experience. The theme of family is strong throughout SuperNova as Nova and her family show that grief can be changed into strength, whereas Cole and his sister Penelope show a completely different side. Cole and Penelope are also from a broken family, however, there is an underlying current of fear. Cole is afraid of Penelope after an event takes place that the author has kept hidden from the reader, however, there is enough to make us believe that Penelope is strong and has the potential to be dangerous with it. Cole is her guardian, the one that keeps her in line, however, even he fails to do so sometimes and is frequently trying to pacify her which has led to her becoming arrogant and restless. As the reader, you get the distinct impression that Penelope is a bomb waiting to explode from the restraints set upon her.

Nova is an interesting character due to the fact that she is very much a typical teenager and, even though she doesn’t feel normal, she acts like it on many occasions. One example is when she is waiting for Cole to text her back and her reaction is one that many teenagers, and even grown ups, can certainly relate to. The writer balances her perfectly, she keeps her incredibly real because Nova is a normal girl who just happens to have powers. Even though Nova has a gift, it is clear to see that the power of the relationships that she has with her family, her friends and even with Fortune, who she fears and hates, is where she draws her strength from. When Nova meets Fortune, she is scared and rooted to the spot in terror because she is a teenager, she is affected by her emotions and terrifying events which enables the reader to relate to her and form an attachment to her.

The writing style is casual and simple as this book is written about a teenager for teenagers and for those who love the YA genre and anything to do with superheroes. The writer draws you into Nova’s world with ease and creates suspense and intense emotion in without the use of complicated language. It has been an absolute pleasure to read and I am waiting with anticipation for the next instalment.



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