My Book Highs and Lows in the Emerald Isles

The past few days have been spent in the beautiful country of Northern Ireland, a place that has brought us many myths, legends and incredible writers. I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute although, when landing on Saturday morning, tragedy struck when I left an ARC copy of Vault of Dreams by Luke Taylor behind on the plane. I was a mere quarter of the way through, however, less than that was needed to completely grip me, to plunge me into Albanland and its characters and, needless to say, I was utterly devastated. Unfortunately it was never handed in and my only solace is that someone is now having the pleasure of following Aerlyn and the twin brothers through their adventures.

However, there’s is a happy ending to this story; Luke Taylor has graciously offered me another copy of his literary masterpiece and I have stumbled across a few book bargains whilst visiting Belfast including this little delight from one of my favourite authors Patrick Ness: 

At only 75p, I was overjoyed and have been engrossed in it for the past two days. A full review on this book will be available as soon as I have finished. 

This book cost me a mere 50p and gives a synopsis, discussion points and suggested books to read on over 100 books. It will dramatically expand my to-read list and I will write a more in depth review of this must-have companion in the very near future.

So those are my book highs and lows of my trip to Northern Ireland and, even though the beginning was rather traumatic, it all turned out rather well don’t you think? 

Update: my partner just checked with lost property again and Vault of Dreams was there! It is now safely back where it belongs…with me! Now to carry on my adventure in Albanland. 


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