ARC Book Review: Concealed Anguish


Title: Concealed Anguish

Author: Ashley S. Clancy

Publisher: Static House Publishing

Publication Date: 22/02/2017

Rating: 4/5


After a chaotic divorce from her childhood sweetheart, where she was cheated on by a man she once loved – Left shattered by his lies and abandoned to raise a teenage daughter alone, life was certainly a challenge for heartbroken Tina. But what if, just when she thought the love of her daughter would carry her through the tough emotional turmoil, that daughter then turned against her?

This is Tina Stevens story, as she finally comes to terms with her very messy divorce, thinking nothing would ever hurt her again, only to face her sixteen year old daughter. Sixteen year old Natasha, ready for sexual relations – A teenager, full of sordid secrets – Natasha, planning to show mummy – The pain she endured yesterday is nothing compared to the excruciating torment heading her way today.

An emotional psychological thriller, where a daughter misbehaving isn’t the new chapter they needed in their lives, but an entirely new book, looking for immediate closure.

Review: I reviewed Ashley’s first book, The Cure Hotel, back last year and I have been very fortunate to have kept in contact with her this whole time. In February I received a message from Ashley giving me an advanced copy of her brand new book, Concealed Anguish, so naturally I dived straight in fully prepared for the twists and turns that Ashley is such a pro at.

However, despite my preparation, Ashley floored me with this book, once again I wasn’t expecting this! Within the first chapter I was hooked and completely shocked by Natasha’s attitude towards her mum which on got worse as the book went on. Natasha made my blood boil, she was a spoilt girl with a disgusting attitude whose main mission in life was to completely break Tina, her mum, into pieces.

As the story progressed, Tina started to become stronger and started to build her confidence through a series of acts and events…I will leave that to your imagination or, better still, grab yourself a copy of the book.

The end was a completely unforeseen twist, I had to read it twice just to get my head around it. I thoroughly enjoyed this second treat from Ashley, it kept me on the edge of my seat, it made me uncomfortable and shocked me to my core, what else could you possibly want from a book?


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