Subscription: The Willoughby Book Club; May Edition

It was my first day back at work today after a lovely week off and so, naturally, I was feeling a bit down and dejected until I got home and saw a parcel from The Willoughby Book Club. I was very excited/nervous about this subscription mainly due to the fact I genuinely didn’t know what I would be getting through the post. Let me explain how it works.

You head over to and you are given several choices of subscription; there is a fiction subscription, a non-fiction subscription, a Classic Book Club, a Contemporary Book Club, a Children’s subscription (this is split into toddlers, children and teenagers) and a subscription for couples where you have 2 of the same book to read together (how sweet!). This is just a handful of options they have and, because I’m incredibly indecisive, I set myself up for the Bespoke BookClub where you can state your top 3 genres, give them and insight into your favourite authors and books and The Willoughby Book Club will send you out a book on the 1st of every month for as many months as you choose. This subscription service once again gives you several different options to choose, for example, you can choose to pay for 3 months, 6 months or a full year. I chose the 3 month option just to get a feel for it, this was £34.99 for the 3 months.

Today was the day, my first delivery from The Willoughby Book Club. Was it worth it?


This was how it arrived (excuse the poor photography skills) and, if I’m honest, I was initially disappointed. I felt that the outer packaging didn’t match up to the price I paid for it especially as my Amazon deliveries come in exactly the same way. However, when I actually opened the parcel…20170605_155505.jpg

It completely changed my mind. Not only does it come with a lovely little sticker from the Book Club itself (I’m definitely calling myself a member now, I have a sticker and everything) but the book is so lovingly wrapped in tissue paper. As a complete bookworm and lover of books, this little touch made a world of difference and it completely heightened my excitement. I almost didn’t want to open the beautiful wrapping…almost.


Once the paper was off I was greeted with this little note from the company. Something so simple but, naturally, I got excited because it made me feel very special. It was a very personal touch that I really appreciated.


And this is the book I received. Initially I was quite shocked because I hadn’t heard of it at all. When I read the synopsis, I realised The Willoughby Book Club sent me this book because I stated that the Shardlake series by C.J Sansom is one of my all time favourite series and this book sounds incredibly similar to it.

So, is this subscription worth the money? I haven’t read the book yet because I received it today but my first impressions is yes it most definitely is. This subscription, I am only speaking for the Bespoke Book Club here because it is the one I signed up for, is wonderful for readers who want to be introduced to new books and who enjoy recommendations. I was pleasantly shocked and surprised at the choice that was made simply because my choices were really taken into consideration and I felt that a lot of thought was put into it.

The book is next on my TBR list and so I will put my review up when I have finished it and so we shall see whether The Willoughby Book Club have got it exactly right.

If you want to give The Willoughby Book Club subscription a try, you can use the link to get 10% off your subscription. I would love to hear about your experiences too.


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