Subscription: Illumicrate Box, August Edition


It is crazy how quickly time flies; the summer is nearly over and another Illumicrate is here which means a whole 3 months has passed! I can’t believe how fast 2017 is going, before we know it the dreaded C word will be upon us.

Anyway, here we have the August edition of the Illumicrate box and what a treat it is! This is my second box from them and it was full of wonderful surprises (just excuse the photographs, I was excited). They really outdid themselves this month with a brilliant selection of items and so, without any further ado, this is what the Illumicrate August box contained!

The first item was a beautiful metal coaster designed by Hannah Hitchman Art:


This exclusive piece is called the Alethiometer coaster and has been designed in homage to Philip Pullman and His Dark Materials series. It is beautiful and unlike anything I’ve seen or owned before. Plus I was in desperate need of a coaster so it’s a winner for me.

The second item was weird because I had been thinking of buying them a few days ago:


Such a coincidence! These are amazing, they’re so cute and will most definitely come in handy. These were created by Blossom Books.

The third item naturally appealed to my inner feminist:


I love it when authors advertise their books in more creative ways rather than just through leaflets because I find it grabs my attention more and makes me want to read the book. These badges are really cool and quirky and I may be donning a few on my work lanyard.

The fourth item I simply swooned over:


Not only is this zip bag a good size, it also has an adorable quote on it written by none other than Shakespeare, who is one of my favourite geniuses.  The artwork is beautiful and created by Miss Phi and it is another exclusive to Illumicrate subscribers.

Next comes something that is very close to my heart:


Tea is a life essential for me and so having a pouch in my box was only going to elevate my opinion on this subscription. Not only does this tea sound delicious, the addition of the warning bumps up the quirky factor and has made me want to explore some more of their brews. Advertising done right!

This highly appreciated and most definitely needed-in-my-life item is also from Blossom Books:


I am so in love with this! This is such a great way to put all those extra pennies to good use, you know, those pennies you find just lying around down the sofa, on the side, in your partner’s wallet… they can now have a purpose in life, to be saved for books!

The Wisdom Journal by Hey Atlas Creative is, yet again, an exclusive product and it is just so dreamy:


The cover is just breathtaking and I love the quote! I did get a bit confused when I first opened it because it is full of dots which gave me intense flashbacks to maths class where we had to form 3D shapes on dotted paper; my initial thought was that it had been given to me to relive the horrors of prisms. Anyway, after reading the Illumicrate card, I realised it is just for me to write down my “wise thoughts” so we’ll see if it ever gets filled.

And…the final items in the box were… *drum roll*



I squealed when I pulled out the Wonder Woman book! I was so close to buying this on preorder and I am so glad I didn’t because this edition is another exclusive to Illumicrate. It has gorgeous red-sprayed edges and it came with an exclusive pin which will naturally don my work lanyard. I adore Wonder Woman, the film was just brilliant and very woman power which, as you may have guessed, I’m all about. I can’t wait to read this book, Leigh Bardugo wrote on of my favourite duologies, The Six of Crows, and so I am extremely excited to see what she has done with this iconic female superhero.

The second book, Nyxia by Scott Reintgen, wasn’t something I was familiar with before it arrived in the box. It is a sci fi book which I’m not generally into but I will give this a go, after all it only takes one book to change your views.

And that’s it!


I loved my first Illumicrate box but I feel this one completely blew it out of the water. There wasn’t one thing that I didn’t like and I had quite a few firm favourites, such as the book money jar, Wonder Woman book, the book post-it notes, zip bag and journal. It is such good value for money and Illumicrate really puts a lot of thought into the items that they pick, I think I’m going to be a fan for life! I’m already looking forward to November’s box and I can’t wait for the Grisha Limited Edition Box that’s out in September! I will keep you updated!



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